Kountry Home Market – Decorate with style

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Kountry Home Market – Decorate with style

Many people think that home decoration is easy process, and those people end with some atrocious homes, where pieces don’t match and everything looks like it was just randomly thrown in the room. If you want to decorate your home correctly then we, Kountry Home Market, have several thematic styles which you can use.

Each style has its own theme and all items in the room blend with the general feel of the space, producing a thematic and beautiful place where you can sit and enjoy.

Sophisticated Classic style blends traditional furniture with art deco shapes. This style contained delicate furniture with tapered legs and feminine lines and everything is in neutral as well as soft colors.

This style contains big chandeliers, luxurious fabric (think velvet and silk), rich dark wood and materials like metal, marble and glass. Decorating your home with this style might be expensive so you should think about it before you start buying furniture.

Modern Graphic style is used to refresh your living area with fun and contemporary look. This style combines edgy and colorful elements, midcentury design with urban styling. Furniture should be simple with clean lines and without extra adornment.Think about blocks when you apply color and when you buy furniture, it should be boxy and with plain legs. Room with this style should contain abstract patterns with Pop Art accessories.

If you like some more traditional feel of your house as well as cottage based furniture you will like Cozy Casual style. Refurnishing your living room in this style will be quite cheap because it should radiate laid-back country style feel with low-maintenance furnishings.Slip-covered and plush upholstery, with square or roll arms and skirts will fit nicely with this style. Tables should give out the feeling of indestructibility, so they should be small but full wood. Fabrics should be natural (think cotton or wool) and textiles should be basic and solid with simple stripes including wall florals with muted colors.

Vintage Eclectic style is a dream comes true for vintage enthusiasts with its furniture designs, which should reflect various time periods. Dusty colors, handmade and timeworn textiles and wide range of vintage accessories will turn your living room into a historical sanctuary.

Everything vintage will do, but it must follow true vintage look. Furniture must have intricate detailing, feminine silhouettes and weathering finishes on it. General tone of the room must be jewel with washed-out elements and chalky shades. For full effect of vintage feel you should throw in some new offbeat items in the room. Each style has its own theme and all items in the room blend with the general feel of the space, producing a thematic and beautiful place where you can sit and enjoy.

Fabrics in this room should range from paisleys to folk motifs and ethnic tapestries. Botanical and floral elements are desired in this kind of room.

Chandeliers should be made out of crystal (or they can be good replicas). With embellished lamps on the top this room will be out of time. When it comes to art this room should be abundant with art that reflects 17 and 18 century and it should cover good portion of walls in that room.

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Value and beauty of properly decorated house

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Value and beauty of properly decorated house

You will buy or/and sell property (house or apartment) at least once in your life and you want to get the most out of that deal. A house that is in a better shape is a house that will bring you more money when you sell it. And a house with bad décor will have lower price when you buy it, only because it has bad interior look. Real estate agent will look into those things, and it is better to take precautionary actions in order to have better position in a deal. We at Kountry Home Market are here to help you in that business. You will find some useful home décor advice which will help you once you enter in a real estate deal, whether you sell or buy property. Overly thematic rooms will lower the circle of customers that would like to buy a house. In a lot of cases real estate agent will come and redo it and try to bring it to its previous appearance.

Rooms that have their own theme might be interesting for you, but it doesn’t mean that they will be interesting for the buyer or real estate agent. Many customers might not like your beach themed room and that room might be a reason they refuse to buy that house, so be sure to redo rooms that have un-orthodox look.

Over personalizing the décor of your house even when you know that you will be selling that house in several years is a good way to miss a good portion of buyers due to the difference in taste. You might think that some combination of furniture and floor and wall colors is good, but that is only your personal taste. I am not saying that your taste is bad, but it is your own, and it is better to go along the lines of common décor which will suit all kinds of people.
The look of floors and especially walls is very important once you decide to sell your house. Walls with multiple and non-neutral colors will fare badly on the market. People want to do their own customization of the house and it is easier for them if a wall is white rather than blue.

If you want to fetch a good price for your house everything should look neutral, especially these two surfaces.

Once you have decided to sell your house you should clean in. And I am not talking about some light cleaning; I mean you should clean in thoroughly. Even those places that are out of the sight should be properly cleaned, because both real estate agents and buyers know where to look at to determine the general condition of the property.

These are just several pieces of advice about home decorating when it comes to selling property. Those that are out to buy property should read this to know what to look for in a new property in order to lower the price. If you want more useful info on home décor you should browse through our site because Kountry Home Market is here for you.

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